Thank you for checking out my blog!

Let me Introduce Myself: I am a 22 year old University of Southampton Postgraduate Student studying an iPhD in Web Science. I have just begun my iPhD in Web Science, following completing my Undergraduate degree in Music (at the University of Southampton). I have a keen interest in Digital Musicology, Web Science and Digital Humanities. If you are reading this blog expect: reviews of articles, videos, blogs and anything else I find interesting. I will also be blogging frequently about the road to writing a thesis, including the research I have done, things I have found interesting and my ideas as they form.

My journey hasn’t been easy through suffering with Fibromyalgia. I have recently adopted a gluten free, refined sugar free and refined vegetable oil free diet as suggested by my pain specialist. I have been sharing my food creations on Instagram for a while – but not you will see me sharing some of my baking recipes on this blog. This blog really is everything Anna. 

Please keep up to date with me through a variety of social media, found at the bottom of this page. They each reflect a different aspect of me, a frequent hobby of mine is cooking and baking so follow my Instagram to see those images.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts.


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