Prior to this module, my presence online was not as successful as I had believed. Re-reading my pre-module quiz highlights how little I knew about having an Online Presence, including my own. Though I had a Facebook account and a Twitter; that was it. But even the way I used Twitter, did not utilise its potential. The way I now use Twitter and the connections I have has completely changed through this module.  My followers have increased by 62 people, and the interaction I have had with other users has increased.

Tweets like the one below have been useful in growing discussions with companies, helping me gain knowledge, and over-come issues:

As well as adapting my existing Online Presence to be more successful, I have increased the number of platforms I use regularly. I have created profiles on LinkedIn,, Youtube, Storify, ScoopIt and Pathbrite. All of which I have kept up to date. My LinkedIn profile required the most amount of work to get started, but has since been one of the most valuable. When ever I work with, or meet someone I have been adding them to my network. My network has continuously grown, currently at 89 connections. I have also become a part of groups including: Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities/ Computing, SotonDH.

I took this module as a chance to find new ways of expressing myself online. Therefore throughout the module I have taken every opportunity to find new ways of responding to the topic set. These have included vlog, PowToon and Prezi. Samples of all the ways I blogged can be seen on my Pathbrite portfolio:

These new tools have given me a way of blogging and interacting in the future. By having learnt so many new presentation tools, I have a bank of them that I can use when needed. I want to take this forward into my career. The way of aggregating online sources through ScoopIt, is another thing that I will continue to do. It has been very helpful seeing online sources for a topic in one place.  As well as being useful tools for my career, these tools allow me to appear a well rounded person. I have more to discuss in interviews, more that makes me unique. By reading blog posts employers can begin to get an idea of me. Who i am, my writing style, what I like, what I dislike.

This module as well as giving me an increased knowledge and awareness of Living and Working on the Web, has also introduced me to new opportunities. I have become and Innovation and Digital Literacies Champion for the University, and also used my research in PhD applications. This blog post is titled “This isn’t the last you’ll see of me”, because it wont be. The module may end, but I will continue blogging, carry on building my online presence and continuing to learn new tools.  I have begun a journey into using the Web to it’s full advantage. Transitioning from a Digital Visitor to a Digital Resident.


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