This weeks blog post is in the form of a prezi presentation. As a creative student I felt it really fitted with the authenticity topic; for me to reflect on the weeks research in a creative manner. This week I have taken the chance to reflect on whether or not I believe I maintain an authentic online presence.

Due to issues with Prezi and WordPress, The embedded link below may not complete loading. Therefore the prezi can be accessed here:

Photo credit [forprezi image]:  <a href=””>ePublicist</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;


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5 thoughts on “Topic 3: How to create an Authentic Online Presence

  1. Hi Anna,

    I really enjoyed reading your post this week owing to the use of Prezi, as it enabled you to really clearly display the facets of what makes an Authentic Online Presence in your opinion.

    I was interested to read the stance you took on this issue as I personally drew on the employability aspect of why one would want an professional, authentic online identity.In my blog I considered the benefits of using Twitter and LinkedIn in order to create a professional profile, and was fascinated to learn (during my research) that Twitter with its redesign, provides the perfect platform for users to express their authentic personality and to interact with potential employers. As you have included screenshots of both your LinkedIn and Twitter pages, I would be interested to learn whether you are also of the opinion that Twitter provides the perfect place for us to express our online identity and see there being any advantage to using it over LinkedIn.


  2. Hi Lucy,

    Thank you for watching my Prezi this week! I personally agree with you, Twitter since its re-design is much more useful as a platform to express your identity. I feel being able to post frequently about things that interest you allows individuals to get an idea of what makes you, you. I love the simple ways of interacting, re-tweeting, tagging, has-tags and favoriting, all allow us to network in a really simple and easy manner. However I still believe there is a place for LinkedIn. It allows us to clearly and concisely display our CV, cataloging what we have done.

    I use Twitter a lot more frequently than LinkedIn usually only using LinkedIn to endorse others skills and to update my CV. How would you say you use Twitter and LinkedIn? What advantages can you see with expressing our online identity through Twitter?


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